Specialized design of security and electronic protection system

(Systems of protection, monitoring and control of electronic traffic)

Electronic security

In order to increase the reliability and efficiency of electronic systems, reduce its costs and adequately meet the customer’s requirements at different levels, for the first time in Iran, specialized electronic security systems were developed, including a comprehensive monitoring system Visual (CCTV cameras, recording and monitoring rooms), alarm system, fire alarm system, traffic control system and surveillance system.

The Institute is the sole author of the National Electronic Security Standards in the country, which has been approved by the Organization for Standardization and Industrial Research. The national standard is the museums, banks, administrative, commercial and residential premises of the Institute.

The Institute, as the first institute for designing security and electronic protection systems in the country, is ready to provide design services for security and electronic protection systems as follows:

 Area Course names
 Electronic security  Principles of compilation of homogeneous security strategy  Principles of Designing and Locating Standard Equipment for Electronic Security
 Principles of monitoring the implementation of electronic security systems  Principles of maintaining electronic security systems 
Value Engineering  Introduction to Value Engineering  Value Engineering Workshop + AVS 
 Project Management Processes and Value Engineering Standards   Lean thinking and value stream 
 modern management  Six Sigma Strategies for Quality Management   The Status and Importance of Training for Human Resources and New Organizations
 Understanding the work environment in industrial units (Super 5S)   Manage and improve processes with approach EFQM KAIZEN 
Marketing Management  Client Management 
 Advertising management   Understanding the Principles of Contracts EPC,TK,DB,BOO,BOT,PPI 
  1. Develop a homogeneous security strategy
  2. Field studies to reduce risk and obtain raw data security system design
  3. Compilation of appropriate information security standards
  4. Design of equipment for electronic security
  5. Provide electronic security system executive maps
  6. Monitor the good implementation of the electronic security system
  7. Developing a Security Policy and Security Risk Management
  8. Implementing KM in the organization in line with security objectives
  9. Training and up-to-date personnel persistent
  10. Design and implementation of security maneuvers

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