What is the Mobile Information and Communication Technology (Mobile ICT)?

What is the Mobile Information and Communication Technology (Mobile ICT)?

Establishing human communication has paved the way from the beginning of human creation to today. The need for human communication as one of the main human needs has made this category of great importance for the human race. On the other hand, the ability to move and move as another dynamic human being has made it possible to integrate information and communication technology with the potential for the untapped, knowledge-intensive, and innovative industry, which today’s world calls Mobile ICT. The
Mobile ICT not only enjoys a high level of communication between human beings, but also a high volume of human-machine interactions (H2M) and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in today’s world. Is done. Mobile ICTs, on the other hand, require less costly infrastructure than Fixed ICTs, with the use of traditional wired platforms, due to less developed communities, Mobile Find ICT’s Elixir for their faster development.
Mobile ICT is very user-friendly due to its specific features. This obvious difference can be clearly seen in the amount of mobile users with PC users. By examining the rate of mobile phone usage compared to fixed telephones, the mobile ICT technology is more attractive than Fixed ICT despite higher costs.
Mobile ICT was once a luxury technology in some societies, but it is now a pillar of human life. For example, in Iran, it can be clearly seen that even in a group that has an income below the poverty line, this technology is widely used, even by those who may not have touched a personal computer.
Mobile ICT also has a unique knowledge of telecommunication platforms, in terms of content, which has so far been less specialized in our country. In addition, the biggest concern in Mobile ICT is the concern about the security of the platforms. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the point of view. The stability of a communication service is so diverse as its security. Perhaps for some reason, at least in our country, Mobile ICT sustainability is less than Fixed ICT, but there are many differences in the security of this platform. Mobile ICT is far more secure than the Fixed ICT because of the complexity of hospitalization. This feature has its intricate pivot point, which needs to increase the knowledge of Mobile ICT security in the country.
Due to the lack of sufficient knowledge in the field of Mobile ICT content, mobile operators are worried about the low volume of data usage requests and some have entered the Mobile ICT content market. Apart from examining the quality of these services relative to the global average, one of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge in the production of Mobile ICT applications. The lack of development is so advanced that a large number of mobile ICT caches in the country are similar to Fixed ICTs, while this area has many potential in its own right, which, if identified and generated content, takes into account unique features To Mobile ICT, not only will the volume of exchanges be increased to a tangible extent, but the application’s satisfaction of incoming or interactive content will increase.
Mobile ICT is a very widespread knowledge of many technologies such as GSM, EDGE, DSM, GRSM, CDMA, GPS, AVL, RFID, Bluetooth, MMS, NFC and Cloud Computing. And includes insurance, marketing, municipalities, banking, public relations, tourism, education, health, medicine, transportation, customs, police, security, social security, and paying for world-class success stories. Is. The

The Institute for Management Services and Technology for Growth is ready to advise all sectors of the country on the implementation of Mobile ICT.

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