Modern Management Services


GMTII provides modern management services in the following categories:

a. Optimization and value engineering studies of plans, projects and procedures:

• Expert in conducting value engineering studies in all construction and non-construction projects
• Pioneer in value engineering studies in the topic of building in Iran
• Performance and efficiency evaluation using DEA
• Design, Writing, implementation and supporting of expert optimization soft wares
• Optimizing of procedures using research in operation
• Design and implementation of efficiency techniques and quality in factories and companies

b. managerial services and consultations:

• Organizational pathology and fault finding
• Repetitious procedure engineering
• Team building and knowledge management implementation in an organization
• Consultation, team building and evaluation of balanced scorecard (BSC) and balanced strategy process management (BSPM) with the function of organization’s strategies optimization
• Design, analysis and improvement of systems and methods
• Organizing, structure and architecture of organization
• Design and categorizing of jobs
• Managerial systems design
• Strategic studies of management
• Design and optimization of planning systems
• Strategic management planning and implementation
• Codification of long-term, mid-term and operational plans
• Codifying of comprehensive program of administrative reform
• Design and improvement of supervision and control systems
• Design and improvement of quality management system
• Design and implementation of customer relationship manager (CRM)
• Design and improvement of organizational excellence system
• Planning of 5S system
• Planning and improvement in procurement of goods, storage, orders and maintenance
• Planning and improvement in archiving and document management
• Planning and improvement in the system of customer service
• Planning of a thrift system
• Codifying of administrative regulations and instructions
• Performance evaluation
• Evaluation and improvement of organization using EFQM
• Modeled based on experiences of leading companies (Benchmarking)
• Incentive systems (performance bonus system)

c. Services and consultations of modern contract registration like BOT, EPC and …

• Determination of optimal contract modeling
• Legal advice for modern contract registration
• Contract risk modeling determination
• Methods of contract financing and implementation
• Team building for registering modern contracts in organization

d. Development and excellence of human resources:

• A comprehensive system for human resources development
• A system for education and improvement of human resources based on ISO10015
• Codifying an educational constitution for organizations
• Educational needs identification using different models
• Designing a comprehensive program for training
• Development of instructions, regulations and educational procedures
• Educational software design
• Designing of a system for managers development
• Educational evaluation in different levels (Educational performance management)
• Accreditation of training centers
• Providing and development of educational and skill standards
• Providing and compilation of books, essays, and expert resources in training and human resources development
• Designing of training and human resources development standards

This institution is ready to offer services in all the above items to all governmental and private sectors in domestic and international levels using experienced staff including first-level experts and the faculty staff of famous universities.


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