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The organizations and companies that have already used the Ghalamchi Management & Technology Improvement Institute services include:

۱ President ۲  Organization of prisons and security measures of the country
· Kish Free Zone – Port Development and Airport Development Company
· Kish Free Zone – Civil & Urban Services Co.
· Kish Free Zone – Information Technology
· Physical Education Organization
· Sports facilities development and equipping company
· The Library and Central Documents of the Islamic Republic of Iran
· Peak company
Red Crescent Organization of Tehran Province
· Headquarters (central building)
·Evin Prison
· Qazvin Prison Authority
· Prison Organization of Bushehr Province
۳ poor institution ۴ Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation
· National Building Company
· Tabiran Co.
· Housing Engineering Company and Future Builders Area
· National Building Company
· Atti Miz Co.
· Housing Assistant
· Mortgage Office and 100 Imam Account
· Housing Development Organization of Iran
· Iran Concrete Foundation
· International Creation Company
· Establishment, maintenance and operation of the Free Way of Ahwaz – Bandar Imam
· Saman Environment Company
· Semnan Housing Development Company

۵ Ministry of Energy- Electricity ۶ Ministry of Water
· Tavanir company
· Iran Power Development Organization
· Moshanir Company (Electrical Engineering Services)
· Isfahan Regional Electricity Company
· Fars Regional Electricity Company
· West Regional Electric Company
· Khuzestan regional power company
· Zanjan Regional Power Company
· Power installation company
· Southwest Power Distribution Company of Tehran Province
· Khuzestan Power Distribution Company
· Bahman Taban Company
· Rashanir South East Company (Kerman)
· Water Power Co.
· Pembab Co.
· Mirab Zayandeh Rood Co.
· Water Power Co.
· West Regional Water Company of Tehran Province
· North Khorasan Regional Water Company
· Guilan Regional Water Company
· Lorestan Regional Water Company
· Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad regional power company
· Southwest Water and Wastewater Company of Tehran Province
· Semnan water and sewage company
· Water and Wastewater Company of Ilam Province
· Golestan Province Water and Wastewater Company
۷ telecommiunication company ۸ Ministry of the Interior
· Qom Telecommunication Company
· Kerman Province Telecommunication Company
· Semnan Telecommunication Company
· Guilan Telecommunication Company
· Bushehr Province Telecommunication Company
· Qazvin Telecommunication Company
· Telecommunication Company of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province
· Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province Telecommunication Company
· Municipality of Tehran – Mayor’s Office
· Tehran Municipality – Educational Establishment
· Municipality of Tehran – Technical and Development Deputy
· Municipality of Tehran – Regions 15,12,10,8
· Shiraz municipality
· Islamshahr Municipality
· Municipalities of Fars province
· Information and Communication Technology Organization of Tehran Municipality
· Qom municipality
· Yasuj municipality
· Municipality of Ahvaz
۹ Ministry of Economy and Affairs ۱۰ Ministry of Industries and Mines
· Iran Export Development Bank
· Mellat Bank – Building Office
· Sepah Bank – General Office Building and other units
· Saman Bank
· Sarmayeh Bank
· Karafarin Bank
· Mellat Bank Construction Company
· Ansar Bank
· Bank Day
· Mellat Bank
· Arman financial institution
· Steel Complex of Mobarakeh Esfahan
· Iranian Mineral Processing Company
· Steel Complex of Mobarakeh Esfahan
۱۱ Oil Ministry  ۱۲ Ministry of Agriculture
· Mobin Petrochemical Company.
· Tabriz Petrochemical Company
· Central oil company
· Kermanshah Petrochemical Industries
· Jihad Nasr Semnan Co.
۱۳ Ministry of Cooperatives ۱۴ Ministry of Roads and City Planning
· Headquarters · Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (Homa)
· Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (Tehran Railway Station)
۱۵ Private sector ۱۶ Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support
· Tehran South Company
· Sepahan Industrial Group
· Iran Casting Company
· Cear Motor Company
· Hard ajand company
· Andris Car Safety Company
· ۳-ton batch company (Shooshtar)
· Mass Construction Companies
· Consulting Engineer Company (Construction Plant)
· Water wave company
· Perlite company
· Jayab Behine Consulting Engineers Co.
· Tazand Consulting Engineers Co.
· Green Arrow Company
· Rapeira company
· Power Engineering Civil Engineering Co.
· Process Consulting Engineers Co.
· Massive Taz Company
· Road Engineering Company
· Kerman Pavlou Co.
· Iran Civil and Housing Company
· Parsi Tablo Co.
· Pryrab Company
· Abad Grand Road Desert Company
· Water Structures Company
· Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Arak
· Pars Hessas Co.
· Hypermarket Housh
· Skyline hypermarket
· Arvin Nye Asa Company
·Shaheed Fakoori Branch Store (Tehran Victory)
· Eskandari Branch store
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