Bandar Abbass Warehouse Project

According to the public relations management report of the knowledge-based Institute of Ghalamchi Technology and Management institute, the consulting engineering, design and supervision project of the large Bandar Abbas warehouse was successfully completed in November of this year.
Ghalamchi Technology and Management institute has been in charge of the complete engineering of this project, and the four engineering phases of this project have been completed within 4 months with the institute’s special engineering studies methodology. The design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and operation of electronic security systems such as video surveillance system, human and vehicular traffic control system, and perimeter protection system have been implemented in this project, and the performance of the knowledge base institute for the management and technology of Rosh Ghalamchi has been fully satisfied by the employer. has taken.
The amount of Rials of this project is 40 billion Rials, which is entirely provided by domestic high-quality hardware and software products.
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